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A CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism Community for Writers

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A CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism Community for Writers

Cover Letter Help

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I need somebody...not just anybody...


Okay, Beatles references aside...I am terrible (TERRIBLE!) at writing cover letters for short stories. You aren't expected to pitch the story, you aren't expected to really do much but say "Here's a story. Here's an SASE. You know the drill." So naturally, being the person that I am, I feel like this letter sucks. If you guys could give me any help, any advice at all, I would really appreciate it. Particularly, I can't remember if the appropriate "generic" woman's honorific is Mrs. or Ms...it seems like each assumption has its problems.

(Editor's Name), Editor
(magazine name and address follows)

Dear Mrs. (Editor's Last Name),

Enclosed, you will find my short story, “Live from the Serpent Room,” which I hope you will consider for publication in Realms of Fantasy. I have been writing for about ten years; my work has previously appeared in the online magazine Quantum Muse, and will be appearing this July in another online magazine, Anotherealm. I do not wish to bore you with excessive details of my heretofore short writing career, but if you require further information, a biography, or anything else, I am of course happy to oblige. I have enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope, and look forward to hearing your response to my story; I hope that “Live from the Serpent Room” finds its way into the pages of Realms of Fantasy, and moreover that you enjoy reading it.

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