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A CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism Community for Writers

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This community is for writers to post their goods and us other writers (and hopefully readers) to post some CONSTRUCTIVE critiques.
We are primarily interested in prose and fiction, no poetry please.

1. Be honest, be fair. You don't have to be nice but you MUST be real. No flaming, no rudeness, no spiteful posts.

2. Be constructive. "Have an interesting character do something interesting" is NOT HELPFUL. "I think Julian should get the coffee before he gets on the bus" means you have really read the piece and thought of a specific suggestion on how it could work better.

3. Be fearless! We're all friends here, well, we're all compatriots, anyway. We are building this community on trust and professionalism, aiming to make this a place where we can all hone our craft and come out better writers (verses becoming bitter writers!).

4. The moderators of this community reserve the right to delete posts they do not feel align with the purpose of this community and ban members who are not willing to abide by the very few rules we have. (But seriously, we don't anticipate having to really do that!)